Marwa & Abrar

Egyptian culture and flare mesh well in this spring event with bright colors, attention to detail, and of course a candy bar fit for a queen. Watch as these newlyweds dance the night away after a traditional Egyptian Zaffa with their friends and family alike.

Terryn & Michael

TAKI Watches

Looking for the simplicity in any design is the true mark of a great artist. Whether it’s creating a beautiful painting or building a fantastic timepiece. This up and coming company knows what is stylish and elegant.

St. Croix Balloon Ride

A slow sunset glide over the St. Croix River is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have in Minnesota. Everyone gathers along the shore and across the water to welcome the patrons of these magnificent balloons. Take a short ride on one of the most breathtaking ways to travel that has ever been invented.

Kaia & Brady

Weddings are always a momentous occasion, bringing family and friends together. The main attraction in this particular video though is the always spontaneous and fun loving photographer, Donae Cotton.

Rhia's First Birthday

This charming little girl spent her first birthday with many family and friends at a local Minneapolis establishment. As you hear them tell their experience, you’ll be captured by their love and affection for the newest member of their family.

Tony's Proposal

Most couples don’t remember every detail of how they became engaged, but Tony has every aspect saved for the rest of his life. These two were engaged through some trickery, as Tony convinced his (soon to be) fiancé there was a project he was helping a friend complete. Watch as Astyn unwittingly helps in the very proposal Tony wants to give her.

Country Wedding

This is the accompanied video to the photography within our portfolio for Trisha & Ola. We showcase the beauty of the video and stills that were taken at this event in one piece, which is set to music.

Betsy & Mark

Watch as this couple takes us through the genesis of their relationship, which culminates with the personal invitation to their wedding guests.

Pucksock Training

New products are always surfacing in the sporting goods market. This simple, yet important, piece of equipment can help a young or experienced hockey player with his or her game. On and off ice work is possible with the design properties developed by this company.